Branka Cubrilo

 Nellie, Diaries of a Cultured Cat, Paris is the Pits

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THE MOSAIC OF THE BROKEN SOUL is a contemporary, literary novel that has some darkness of texture. It is a narrative of one continuous situation but it is not one note. Narrative is relatively incidental. This is a novel that is impressionistic and metaphorical; the characters are not expected to be entirely ‘real’, whether they are Her or the Nobleman, and a serious consideration of the relationship of art and experience to life. There is good interior landscaping and description of situation.

But the environment that the author creates makes sense, and is graced with a good, controlled use of language. It is not entirely an easy book; it is very reflective. It says quite a bit about the contemporary zeigeist.

This is not mainstream material, but when reader does enter this rather hermetic, introspective world that Branka has created, he or she will find themselves involved, and unable to leave. What on earth will happen next, we ask ourselves, and in fact, what has happened? Is it real, or are we in a book?

The prose is rich, it is a novel of the interplay of character and emotion. Branka uses language with effect: the images of internal alienation are integral to the entirety of the work. It lifts the text and takes the reader along with the flow of the narrative, although, as we have said, the book is not primarily narrative driven.

‘Branka’s writing is elegant and penetrative’.

Penelope Plunket